My Haul from Citi Field

So I finally got a day off yesterday and Michael Conforto, the Mets’ best hitting prospect was making his major league debut so I made my way to Citi Field. I actually haven’t been to Citi Field in like forever. Here is my little haul from my trip.

First off I got a pretty sweet Jacob deGrom T- shirt via free shirt Fridays.

Jacob deGrom Tshirt

I also got a game used memorabilia grab bag and I ended up with a…

Citi Field Jar of Dirt

jar of dirt from the first regular season game at Citi Field 4/13/09. Mmmm… haven’t fared well with game used dirt memorabilia. I got a little coin as a gift awhile back with a bit of dirt from the last season at Shea Stadium and…

Shea Stadium Dirt

I dropped it cracking the case it was in. Although all the dirt is still there, it is broken into a few pieces so you really can’t take it out of the box. So back to this jar of dirt, I must have banged a corner against something on my way back and…

Jar of Dirt

there is a small hole in the jar. I wrapped it so the dirt is all there. All I can do is patch it up with a bit of foil and tape. But given my luck I probably won’t be looking to add more game used dirt anything in my collection.

Anyways, the Mets were destroyed in that game. The lineup is a joke and Michael Conforto just hit three weak grounders. The Mets did make a trade so hopefully Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson plus Conforto will spark some life in the Mets offense. *shrugs*


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