My 2015 Topps Allen & Ginter Box Break

Wow times flies. I remember when I bought a box of Allen & Ginter when first came out and it has been 10 years since. After all these years, Allen & Ginter is still one of the most fun sets to break. I am not going to stop this year so I have a hobby box of 2015 Topps Allen & Ginter 10th Anniversary Issue.

First off the box topper.

2015 Allen & Ginter Jorge Soler Box Topper

Jorge Soler, not bad. Here are a bunch of cards from the box.

2015 Allen & Ginter Base Cards

2015 Allen & Ginter Non Baseball Base

A fun set as usual. I especially dig the Rocky cards. Another staple of Allen & Ginter sets is the tons of different inserts, variations and minis.

2015 Allen & Ginter Inserts

2015 Allen & Ginter Inserts 2

2015 Allen & Ginter Mini

2015 Allen & Ginter Mini Inserts

I have to double check but I don’t think I got any super rare variations or parallels and my buyback cards are pretty lame.

Each box has three hits and I got

2015 Allen & Ginter Josh Hamilton Relic Card

a jersey card of Josh Hamiliton

2015 Allen & Ginter Bryce Harper Relic Card

a jersey card of Bryce Harper

2015 Allen & Ginter Archie Bradley Auto

and the big hit of the box, an autograph of Archie Bradley. The hits aren’t bad but I was hoping to pull some oddball cards.

All in all, another home run by Topps. Before I throw anything away do I need to know about anything about the set like random cards hidden in the box, unannounced super rare inserts, random wrapper redemptions, etc?


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