Ring of Honor: Field of Honor Brooklyn & Shinsuke Nakamura Signed Ball

If you asked me who my favorite wrestler was, it would have to be Shinsuke Nakamura. But unfortunately I never got the chance to see him live… until last Saturday, at the Ring of Honor Field of Honor event at MCU Park (home of the Brooklyn Cyclones).

Top down, this is easily the best wrestling event I have ever attended. The show was close to three and half hours long and it felt like the whole Ring of Honor roster and many New Japan Pro Wrestling stars were there. When Shinsuke Nakamura finally came out in the main event, I had goosebumps and I really hope this is not the last time he wrestles in New York City.

Anyways one of my goals was to get a Shinsuka Nakamura autograph to add to my collection. Unfortunately the lines for autographs were kind of confusing and they were super long (especially the one for Shinsuke Nakamura). So I was looking at another merchandise table and saw this baseball signed by the Ring of Honor roster.

Ring of Honor Signed Baseball

Ring of Honor Signed Baseball 2

A Ring of Honor employee saw me looking at the ball. I asked him if Shinsuke Nakamura signed it and he said he didn’t know but he could get Shinsuke Nakamura to sign it for me so I know for a fact his autograph is there. So I got to follow him past the crowd, past all the lines and sure enough he got Shinsuke Nakamura to sign the ball.

Shinsuke Nakamura Autograph

That is why only Shinsuke Nakamura’s autograph is the only one signed with a silver Sharpie. I couldn’t thank him enough and I super, super excited about this ball. BUT, I actually don’t like collecting autographed baseballs because 1) – they are awkward to store and take up a lot of room (my collection of autographed baseballs is all over the place) and 2) – I find autographs do get smudged easier. I didn’t have a baseball cube on me and sure enough the autograph on the ball is smudged a bit. I found a cube later to prevent it getting smudge any more. Though honestly I don’t really mind it as much because there is a good story behind it, it could have been worst and I will never sell it.


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