Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD Heroclix Pack Break

I usually stick to DC Comics but with all the Marvel movies and TV shows, especially the Agents of SHIELD series, they got me interested in the SHIELD storylines. In fact, the latest SHIELD comic book series is one of the few the monthly comics book I look forward to. So with all that being said, I was pretty excited reading all the previews of the latest heroclix set Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD. It finally was released and I picked up four boosters packs. Here are some of my favorite figures.

Nick Fury Agent of Shield Heroclix

Simply put in my opinion this the best Heroclix set in awhile. For the record, I really just collect the Heroclix figures as I rarely get the chance to play it (Heroclix unfortunately has a high barrier of entry and it is very hard to find someone to play with) so I usually don’t care about the gameplay or dial. But the checklist is strong with a ton of interesting characters (and I love go to wikipedia to read about some of the more obscure ones) and there are a ton of characters that never had a Heroclix figure before. The sculpts in this set are also amazing. Just look at the Namor one. Wow! I probably won’t get to complete it but another neat idea in this set is the build a clix concept. In four booster packs, I pulled two legs of the Hulkbuster MK II.

Two thumbs up for me.


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