Quick Reviews of Games I Tried for Board Game Night

I have a HUGE collection of board games and cards game and until recently a number of them still had the shrinkwrap on. I regularly host a board game night (that is always seems to be getting bigger and bigger!) but it is sometimes hard to get a new game on the table. But recently I had some free time and hosted a bunch of board game nights with a bunch of different people over the last month. So I got to try out a bunch of new games. I thought to have a quick post with some on my thoughts on some of these games.

Adventure Time Love Letter – Love Letter is consistently one of the most requested game for board game night. I picked up the AEG Black Box that had this version of Love Letter along with a bunch of similar small card games. This is still the best micro card game. I love the Adventure Time theme and I love the two twists this version brings to the base game.

Lost Legacy – This is from the same designer as Love Letter. I like Love Letter better but this is my choice for a Love Letter like game for larger groups as you can combine the two decks.

Who Stole the Cookie? – I could see how this game could be fun but all everyone wanted to do was peek at the cards so it became the game who got lucky and found the location of the two cookies first.

Cypher – This is the last card game I tried from the AEG Black Box and of the four, this is the weakest game. It is too similar to Love Letter but it is also more confusing so everyone wanted to just go back to Love Letter in the end.

Stinker – This is a huge hit among my board game group. It is like Apples to Apples meets Scrabble. It may replace Say Anything as my party game of choice.

Timeline – This is surprisingly a really fun game. It is super simple. You just add events to a growing timeline and hope to get rid of all of your cards first. I am looking to buy more Timeline sets and perhaps try the Timeline Challenge.

Temple Run – This game is mindless and boring. It is kind of like UNO where you can’t make any choices. Honestly I wouldn’t have gotten this game if it wasn’t like 5 bucks.

Adventure Time Finn-ominoes – Similarly I got this because it was really cheap and I love Adventure Time. Unfortunately the components are so cheaply made, it is actually impossible to play. But it does come in a nice Finn case.

Qwirkle – We misread the rules so we have to try this out again.

Black Stories – This is great game to bring out as you are waiting for other people to trickle in. It is a co-op game where you have to solve a riddle with yes or no questions.

The Hunger Games: Jabberjay Card Game – I hate hidden role/ traitor games because I am the worst liar but this is one traitor game I would play. You play your actions via semi- hidden cards so the game moves much faster.

Dicemasters – Dicemasters is the collectible dice card and it is a ton of fun. I bought a D&D starter with the promo card and War of Light starter with a bunch of booster packs so I can get a good one on one game going. This game can be a huge money sink so I am a bit wary on it.

Wow that is a lot of games I tried out in the last month. Here are some games I want to try out next.

Empire Engine and Bacon Wars – These are the two other card games in the AEG Black Box (7 in total). I don’t think Pretense will go over well in my gaming group.

X-Files CCG – This is an interesting out of print CCG that had some deduction elements in it. With the new series, I don’t think there is a better time to try out this game.

Viceroy – I liked Game of Thrones Westeros Intrigue Card Game so I got this game for Christmas as a gift. It seems to have a similar mechanic but it seems more complex and much heavier.

Doomtown – I love the theme and the game seems interesting but I have yet find the time to actually go through the rulebook and play this with someone.

Ticket to Ride – Believe it or not, I haven’t tried this game out yet.

TIME Stories & Pandemic Legacy – I have heard nothing but good things about these games. Although a legacy game may be a tough sell because my gaming group is always changing.

Mice & Mystics – Finally, I really want to try this game but as you can tell lighter shorter games seem to go over better with my game group.



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2 responses to “Quick Reviews of Games I Tried for Board Game Night

  1. Thanks for posting these. I have never played Love Letter, so this recommendation will lead me to seek it out next time I’m shopping for a new game.

    Ticket to Ride is great. You’re always making progress and building routes, so everybody usually feels like they have a shot as the game progresses. Plus, playing a solid game will usually get you 2nd place, but it usually takes a little bit of risk to be the winner.

    • I definitely recommend Love Letter. It is cheap, a lot of fun and comes in a small pouch so it is easy to carry around. In fact, I usually have a Love Letter in my bag just in case a good opportunity to play some games ever comes around.

      I have heard nothing but good things about Ticket to Ride so I hope to play it in the very near future.

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