My Haul from International Tabletop Day

So today was International Tabletop Day and I am been playing board games all day, all over New York City. I got to try a lot of new games and I won some Machi Koro promos!

Machi Koro Promos

To be honest, I bought Machi Koro awhile ago but I never opened the game. But with these promos, I am definitely bringing it to the next board game meetup. Speaking of which if you are in New York City, I host board game socials in Bryant Park every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 6-8 PM. It is a lot of fun and best of all they are free!

I also saw some discount heroclix figures in a separate gaming store and I picked up these sweet Superman and General Zod figures too!

Superman and General Zod Heroclix

These figures are a little different and little bigger than your typical Heroclix figures. They are from a TabApp Elite set which some sort of iPad game. I am probably never downloading the app but these are interesting additions to my huge Heroclix collection.


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