WWE Wrestling Figures & Cards Mystery Box

In addition to the three point basketball cards repack, I also got this WWE wrestling figures and cards mystery box. According to the box, it has 15 wrestling figures, 3 wrestling figure lockers, 2 wrestling card packs, 1 bench and 1 chair. This of course makes no sense so I had to buy it.

WWE Mystery Box

In the box there was 6 packs of Teenymates WWE Superstars series 2, a Teenymates locker room set and 2 packs of 2004 Topps Road to Wrestlemania.

2014 Road to Wrestlemania

First off the cards. Road to Wrestlemania is still not one of my favorite wrestling sets. The cards are ugly and super random. For example do we really need a card on Brodus Clay turning on Tensai? All these cards are basically just bulk.

WWE Teenymates

So now I have a bunch of Teenymates WWE figures. I pulled two rare figures though Sgt. Slaughter 1:32 and a glow in the dark Finn Balor 1:56. One figure that drew my attention was Sasha Banks because the art style Teenymates goes for does not work for her. I don’t really have room to display the Teenymates even with the locker room setup but I wonder if I can design a little game around these figures. They could make interesting minis…

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