A Black Panther Bobblehead from a Brooklyn Cyclones Game

Last Sunday it was superhero day at MCU park in Coney Island (home to the Brooklyn Cyclones) and more importantly it was also bark in the park so I got to bring my dog out to the ballpark too!

There were two promo items for the day. The first is this awesome picture frame and I found a picture of my dog that fits perfectly!

Brooklyn Cyclones Picture Frame

Second is this Black Panther Bobblehead. I have a shelf of bobbleheads and this is going to be a great addition.

Black Panther Bobblehead

Brooklyn Cyclones games are always a ton of fun. They even got the actor who played King T’chaka to throw the first pitch. Honestly given the price, the creative promotions they run and the fact the stadium is in Coney Island I more often than not perfer to go see a Brooklyn Cyclones game over a New York Mets game. I am just sad I have to miss Legends of the Hidden Temple night…

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