New York Comic Con 2018: My Haul & My Thoughts

New York Comic Con has changed for me which of course is both a good thing and bad thing. First off some of my favorite vendors are no longer there. For example you don’t see many TCG/ CCG or trading cards (baseball cards, basketball cards etc) stands anymore. They seem to move on to Funko pops. I just hope the board game stands don’t go. Mystery bags/ boxes seem to be more prevalent year after year (which I love but I have gotten burned way too many times). This year’s NYCC also seem to experiment with more VIP experiences like paid panels etc which is a slippy slope. Most of all, autographs are SOOOO expensive these days. I remember a time not too long ago where most autographs were $20 and $50 for some of the bigger stars. Now $50 is the minimum and autograph can cost $100, $150 and probably more if I looked.

All this means is I have to do new things and have new expectations! For one, I still love going to panels. I never try to go to the super popular panels that are outside the convention center. It is such a time commitment. My favorite panel was back, Twisted Toonz and they did one of my favorite movies, Clue. It just sucks that there was a small fire and it had to end early. I recently been getting into role playing games (RPG) and there is slowly a bigger and bigger presence of RPGs (mostly Dungeons & Dragons) in NYCC. For example, there were a few Critical Role events, two Pat Rothfuss panels and an art of D&D panel. Plus you know D&D is in when you have this.

Rick and Morty Dungeons and Dragon Comics

Yes it is a Rick & Morty and Dungeons & Dragons crossover comic. I got the character sheets covers because I would love to run a campaign with the Rick & Morty characters. The black character sheet cover is a NYCC exclusive!

NYCC is still a great time to try new comics and pick up some comics and graphic novels for real cheap. I always come back with a stack (that takes me way too long to read) and this year is no different. One of the most interesting in this bunch is a comic from Steve Aoki.

Comics from NYCC

I am addicted to mystery bags/ boxes and I picked up two board game mystery boxes and I got

Enders Game Grifters Open Sesame

Dragon's Gold Love Letter RandR

Grifters, Open Sesame and Ender’s Game Battle School in one and Dragon’s Gold, Love Letter Big Game Night Edition and Regality & Religion in the other. Of the three from the first box I am really excited to get Grifters. It is a game I wanted for some time but was never motivated enough to pick it up. Open Sesame seems like an OK game but the memory aspect scares me and I am not sure what to think about Ender’s Game board game at the moment. As for box 2, the Game Night Edition of Love Letter is a nice version with oversized cards. Regality & Religion is another micro game from the designer of Love Letter and Dragon’s Gold was a game a friend wanted for awhile now.

Now here is a big confession from me. I haven’t watch Stranger Things yet. I know, right. But one of the coolest free swag from NYCC is a Stranger Things bundle.

Free Swag from NYCC

There is a Stranger Things theme library card, library date card, print and sample of the book.

I can’t believe I have some much stuff from NYCC. I have no where to put it all.. Anyways overall I had a great time and my feet are still killing me.

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