A Review for The Women’s War, An Epic Fantasy

At New York Comic Con, I was given the chance to review The Women’s War by Jenna Glass. I don’t know much about it going in but it was described as an epic fantasy with a feminist twist. Well I just finished the book and here is my review!

The Womens War Book

Note: I try to avoid as much spoilers here as possible.

The Women’s War was a fun, thrilling and fast paced read and I love how it keeps building momentum to the big finish. It has main characters I come to care about and ones that are easy to root for. It also has villains that I hate and ones that I can’t wait to see karma come back to bite them. I also enjoy how the magic works in this world. It is interesting and I fully admit I am going to steal some of these ideas for my RPG!

But with that being said, I felt the ending was a little rushed. For example, the first battle at the Women’s Well, Tamzin and Delnamal problems were solved a little too quickly, a little too conveniently. I guess it is a good sign from a story that I wanted more. I really wanted to know how the magic in this world works in combat. Also it kind of sucks that there was such a shock and sad ending to the book…

In the end, I like how the novel was easy to read while still having the complexity and side plots you come to expect from an epic fantasy. Too often I find in epic fantasies I constantly have to refer back to a map, family tree or glossary. What a pain. I also hate when a novel has too many side plots that drags on when you really just care about the main plot progressing. The Women’s War has none of those problems so if you ever come across it, this book is worth a read. I might be even interested a sequel.

I received free books from Penguin Random House in exchange for this review.

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