I Love the AtGames Legends Flashback Console!

I got the AtGames Legends Flashback console for Christmas and I love it! AtGames in general has a lot of middling to negative reviews and the AtGames Legends Flashback was no different. The main problem was poor emulation for certain games (choppy video and choppy sound) and I admit it looked and sounded really bad at times. But with the latest update most of the problems seemed to be solved. All the games I have tried are emulated much better than in the Youtube reviews I have seen.

atgames legends flashback console

Anyways AtGames Legends Flashback has 50 games built in. A lot of them are arcade games with a few classic console games like Tetris and Mega Man sprinkled in. This collection is definitely an interesting mix. I have been getting into Data East games lately and this console has a bunch of them. It is how I discovered Edward Randy, the Cliffhanger.

If you are curious, here are my favorite games: 1) – Edward Randy, the Cliffhanger 2) – Bad Dudes vs Dragon-ninja 3) – Ghouls ‘n Ghost 4) – Crude Buster 5) – Phelios 6) – Secret Agent/ Sly Spy 7) – Strider 8) – Pirate Shop Higemaru 9) – Forgotten Worlds 10) – 1942. As you can see, I love beat ’em ups!

For $40, the AtGames Legends Flashback console is a bargain especially given that you get a rewind feature, save states and the ability to add your own Sega Genesis and I think NES roms to it. Just make sure you download and install the update.

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