Detective Pikachu Mewtwo-GX Case File Pokemon TCG Box

So I watched Detective Pikachu last weekend and it was awesome! There were so many Easter eggs throughout the movie so I can wait to watch it again when it comes out on whatever steaming platform is it going to be released on. Of course I had to get the Detective Pikachu promo card that you get when you watch the movie. (Although I had to ask and look around the theater for the pack.)

Detective Pikachu Promo

As I said in a previous blog post, I wanted to complete the 18 card set so I picked up a Detective Pikachu Mewtwo-GX Case File Pokemon TCG box. It has 4 Detective Pikachu packs and a promo Mewtwo GX card.

Detective Pikachu Mewtwo GX

I am now only missing five cards to complete the set. # 5, 10, 11, 12 and 17. I am probably going to pick up another Case File Pokemon TCG Box or just buy the singles I need.

Oh and the box also came with a Sun & Moon and a Sun & Moon Burning Shadows pack.

Alolan Muk GX and Solgaleo GX

I got super lucky at pulled two GX Pokemon cards, Solgaleo GX and Alolan Muk GX. The muk card is a secret rare variant too. Nice!

I am also deciding on whether I should collect all the Detective Pikachu promos too. I think I am missing 5 promo cards if I want to do that.

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