Awesomely Awesome Books: Deltora Quest Series

Deltora Quest is a children’s epic fantasy book series written by Emily Rodda. The main series has 8 books (but there are a bunch of spin offs). It is really hard to put in words how much I loved this series. The best way I think I can put it is that Deltora Quest is the Dungeons & Dragons campaign I wished I had. It has it all: great main characters that are forced to constantly evolve and adapt, a strong cast of allies each with their own strengths, terrifying villains/ monsters and even interesting riddles. (I didn’t know how much I wanted a epic fantasy book that had riddles until I read Deltora Quest.)

Delatora Quest Books

So the main plot of the book is the Shadow Lord took over the land of Deltora and the only way to beat him is to find seven gems (each with a special power) and to reassemble the Belt of Deltora. This huge task falls onto seemingly random characters: Leif the son of a blacksmith, Barda a beggar who we later find out was a palace guard and Jasmine a child of the forest who lost her parents. Each gem is in places like the Forest of Silence, the Maze of the Beast and the Valley of the Lost and each gem has a guardian (basically the boss of the level). Just to give you a taste of what villains they had to overcome: there is Gorl a knight who guarded a patch of lilies that promised eternal life for so long that his body turn to ash so that only his armor remain and the Guardian of the Valley of the Lost who has four “pets” connected to him by cords of flesh and he just so happens to love riddles.

The book has such a frenetic pace (which is not surprising since it is a children’s book). Every corner of the world has a new monster or obstacle. I just couldn’t put the book down. I also love how detailed the world of Deltora is. Trust me. I read a lot of epic fantasy books and I haven’t fallen in love with a world as much as Deltora.

I never read the Deltora books when I was young so I have no nostalgic attachment to them. But I so wished I did come across it when I was young. I found a few of these books at a thrift store and I though they looked interesting enough to inspire my RPG campaign. After reading three of these books, I instantly went to Amazon to buy the rest of the series and after finishing the series, I want to get the all the spinoffs.

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