The Brooklyn Cyclones Team Set and Rocky Bobblehead

I go to Coney Island for the Brooklyn Cyclones once a year for Bark in the Park. You really can’t beat watching a baseball game with your dog. Most years were super hot and humid but this year was actually kind of nice! Anyways this year I got a bunch of souvenirs.

Brooklyn Cyclones Team Set and Rocky Bobblehead

I bought the 2019 Brooklyn Cyclones team set and got a Rocky bobblehead and a Brooklyn Cyclones dog bowl (which my dog is using already). I actually like the design of this year’s cards. I only could find the 2011 team set to compare it with and 2019’s cards are a huge improvement. I can’t even read the font in the 2011 cards. As for the Rocky bobblehead, unfortunately it isn’t the best quality. I had to glue one of his hands back and the paint job is really bad. I heard this was a common problem with this particular bobblehead. But it is a freebie so I guess I can’t complain too much.

Anyways the game was actually a double header and Cyclones won both, the last with a walk off home run!

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