My Haul from New York Comic Con 2019

New York Comic Con was super crowded as expected and I find I have a much more positive experience with NYCC by changing my priorities and taking it easy a lot more. I don’t go to the autograph signings, the big panels outside of Javits Center or try to get the hard to get exclusives anymore. Those lines can get crazy and it wears you down. Instead I have been checking out areas I haven’t really pay much attention to years before like the publishing/ books and the indie comics section. As you can see below I have a ton of reading materials for months (maybe years) to come. Anyways here is my haul from New York Comic Con 2019.

My big purchase was a mystery box for board games. In it, there was Sentient, Flick Em Up and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Deck-Building Game. This is probably my best mystery box/ bag yet. I have heard nothing but good things about Sentient and Flick Em Up and I am always a fan of deck building games.

Sentient and Flick Em Up

Lord of the Rings Deck Building Game

I got two Yu-Gi-Oh Battle Pack 3: Monster League sets mostly because it was cheap, it came with a playmat and I might try out the Yu-Gi-Oh sealed format. There was also Yu-Gi-Oh art exhibit nearby and I got a nice pin there too.

Yu Gi Oh Battle Pack and Pin

One of my favorite booths is Del Rey Books. They have something called the Book Wizard. You just fill out a quick survey of what you want to read at the moment and you get a free book! I got Inspection by Josh Malerman (best known for Bird Box). It was probably the freebie I am most excited about.

New York Comic Con Freebies

Geek Geek Revolution is a panel I go to every year. It is a geeky trivia show with writers as the contestants. You can submit questions and if you stump the panel you win some swag! Guess what, I won! Here is my question that stump the panel: What was the name of the alien musician in Jabba’s palace that looks like a blue elephant?

Geek Geek Revolution Swag Bag

I am going to Disney World soon to check out Galaxy’s Edge so I was looking out for some Disney and Star Wars stuff. I got a Star Wars choose you adventure style book which came with a tote bag and a Minnie and Mickey Tsum Tsum. I also added two Disney pins to my collection. I really love the Figment one. There was also a Marvel in Disney Parks panel. It just sucks that all the other Disney parks are getting so much cool Marvel stuff and Disney World in Florida is just getting a Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster.

Stars Wars Choose Your Adventure and Disney Pins

Here is what I picked up on the last day. I find you can get the best deals and freebies on Sunday.

New York Comic Con Sunday Haul

All in all, New York Comic Con was not perfect (the lotteries were totally messed up, the panels were kind of meh, too many choke points on the show floor, the Anime Festival was a joke, etc) but I had fun. I think I got more things than ever before and I don’t think I spent that much money… but I can be wrong.

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