Topps Star Wars 40th Anniversary Packs

I am going to Galaxy’s Edge very soon so I have checking out all things Star Wars lately. Movies, cartoons, books etc. So today I have an older pack to open. I have two Topps Star Wars 40th Anniversary rack packs. Topps Star Wars 40th Anniversary came out in 2017 and I guessed I must have overlooked it when it first debuted because I haven’t heard about it until now. It says it is a Target exclusive and it looked interesting when I stumbled upon it. Each pack has 16 cards.

Topps Star Wars 40th Anniversary Cards

I was hoping to pull a buyback card or a hit but I guess I struck out. I did pull a code for Star Wars Card Trader (but it expired). Still this set is quite interesting. It highlights the history of all the Star Wars movies, books, comics, role playing games, video games etc. I actually learn a thing or two from just the 32 cards I opened. In fact, I discovered a book that combines Star Wars and zombies, Death Troopers and I had to get it. This product is definitely a more exciting break than the Topps movie products. Those sets are so shallow. Cards don’t have the cool tidbits in the backs, all the cards use similar looking promo shots from the movies, no cool inserts, boring card designs etc.

If I come across a hobby box of Topps Star Wars 40th Anniversary, I might be tempted to pick it up. If I don’t, I guess I have to wait for the 50th Anniversary…

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