What’s Inside a Christmas Cracker?

I found a box of Christmas crackers for real cheap after the holidays and I just couldn’t resist. Christmas crackers are an old British Christmas tradition. Two people pull on the sides of the crackers, it makes a popping noise and one person gets the prizes inside. According to the box each cracker has a gift, hat, motto and snap. The gifts could be anything. But they are usually small knick knacks. I never open one until now.

Christmas Cracker

Christmas Cracker Gifts

My cracker has a bottle opener, a red crown, the story of Tom Smith and a little piece of paper with a joke and title of a movie for charades.

I decided to open the rest of the Christmas crackers and I got the bottle opener, plastic golf tees, a metal puzzle, a magic card trick, a die and a mini notepad. These items are definitely as random as advertised!

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  1. Wait, so you can’t eat it? That’s not a real cracker then! I have honestly never heard of this concept before right now, but, I’m not British.

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