Lost Collectible Miniatures Game: Star Wars Attacktix

This is a pretty obscure collectible miniatures game (CMG), Star Wars Attacktix made by Hasbro (there are also Attacktix for Transformers and Marvel Comics). It came out in 2005 but I haven’t heard about it until I found a couple of loose figures at an used bookstore. They have quite the unique look to them.

Star Wars Attacktix

Attacktix is quite clever and very simple. First off I love the name. To play, you move your figures then attack. The figures clicks when you move it so if the character has a movement of 6 you move it forward until you hear 6 clicks. Then you can attack with the character and the goal is to physically knock down your opponent’s characters to eliminate them. Some figures have a projectile and some figures have a melee spin attack.

Characters have a point value and players build a team of an agree upon amount like 100 points. Figures can vary by having a range or close combat attack, the number for movement and the size of the base (the bigger the better). You also have consider weird things like the shape of the characters. I am pretty sure smaller characters have an advantage.

I wasn’t aware of Attacktix when it first came out so I can’t say for sure why it failed but I can guess. This game isn’t clear who it is marketed towards. Kids for its simple mechanics and cutesy figures, collectors for its blind packs distribution or gamers for its team building? The figures also do look really weird and there doesn’t seem much strategy to the game. It honestly is just a step up from playing with action figures.

But all in all there is nothing like Attacktix and honestly I think this is a better game than the king of CMGs Heroclix.

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