Awesomely, Awesome Comics: Star Wars #1 Signed, Variant Comics & More

I just cleared a good chunk of my unread comics pile. I don’t keep a lot of comics for collection (since I don’t have the room) but here are few I am excited about.

Star Wars #1 Signed By Charles Soule
I enjoy most of the new Star Wars comics by Marvel but there are A LOT of them. I recently got the latest reboot of the Star Wars comics signed by the writer Charles Soule. It looks into the events after the Empire Strike Back and the first issue focuses on a big space battle. It is pretty fun story and it is definitely action packed.

Star Wars Justice League Odyssey D&D Comics

Justice League Odyssey 2 Variant Cover
One of the comic book stores near me just stocked a bunch of comic blind bags that has 13 comics and 1 one of them is a limited variant. I am very happy to get a Justice League Odyssey 2 variant cover. It is of Green Lantern Jessica Cruz and she is one of my favorite comic book characters right now. Jessica Cruz is a superhero capable of great things but she also suffers from anxiety. It is a fresh take on a modern superhero. If you want a good introduction to the character, I highly recommend the animated movie Justice League vs the Fatal Five. As for Justice League Odyssey 2, the art was top notch but the story is very confusing but I did start it in the middle of an arc. I may try to finish the story.

Dungeons & Dragons Infernal Tides #1
I am a huge fan of D&D but I never really got into the comics. I read Dungeons & Dragons vs Rick and Morty and I didn’t like it (too much going on). Dungeons & Dragons Infernal Tides however did catch my attention. It has everything I want in a epic fantasy story (an interesting world and intriguing villains). I am definitely interested in the next issue. I also just watched the Dungeons & Dragons movie and it is terrible but the DVD does comes with a fast play adventure, Sewers of Sumdall. I highly recommend it as a starting point for anyone interested in D&D. I just ran it for people who never played a RPG before and it was so much fun.

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