Pokemon TCG: Toxtricity V Box Break

I probably paid a little too much for this but I was looking for something fun to do. All the non essential shops are still closed in New York City and there are still a ton of delays getting anything shipped. But I did find this Pokemon TCG: Toxtricity V box at a neighborhood discount store and I couldn’t resist. It has 1 foil promo of Toxtricity V, 1 oversized version of the promo, 4 Pokemon TCG packs and a code card.

Pokemon TCG Toxtricity V Box

The packs I got were 2 packs of Sword & Shield, 1 Cosmic Eclipse and 1 Evolutions. The Evolutions pack is kind of bummer. It is a much older set and I don’t think it is even Standard legal. I see the Evolutions packs a lot in bundles so there must be a ton of these packs lying around.

Pokemon TCG Toxtricity V Box Pulls

Anyways I love the art of Toxtricity V. He looks so over it and Toxtricity is probably my favorite new pokemon from Sword & Shield. I didn’t pull any other EXs, GXs or Vs and the best card of the bunch is the Charizard foil from the Evolutions pack. It is a remake of the classic Charizard card from the base set. I looked it up and it worth a lot more than I was expecting!

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