My Haul from Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Another store that I am sad to see go is Flying Tiger Copenhagen, a home, toys and knick knacks store. It is always a ton of fun to see what weird items they have but they are unfortunately closing every store in the United States. I wanted to go there one last time before the store closed and they had an insane deal. Every item in the store was only $0.50! (But the lines to get in were massive. It took me 2 hours to get in and I was one of the last people to get in before the store closed for the day.)

Haul from Flying Tiger Copenhagen

I bought a bunch of random stuff but these are the items I am most excited about. I got two games that look fun, two decks of cards (always useful), a couple of stuff to hopefully organize my board game collection and two locks I am thinking about to use for my escape room in the box games that I make. I have only tinkered with the football game so far and it is a fun fidget device. It is definitely worth $0.50!

[Update: I just went back to Flying Tiger Cophenhagen and got lucky. They just restocked when I got in and I got a bunch more games.]

Flying Tiger Games

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