Pokemon TCG: Flareon 3 Pack Blister, Polteageist V Box, Copperajah V Box & Zamazenta V Tin

I have a couple of Pokemon TCG packs left over from Christmas. I have 3 packs from a Flareon promo blister, 4 packs from a Polteageist V Box, 4 packs from a Copperajah V Box, and 5 packs from a Zamazenta V tin.

Pokemon TCG Pulls from a Blister Box and Tin

Pokemon TCG Pulls from Copperajah V Box

I pulled a few of staples that I still needed but for me I was just looking for foil trainers, secret rares, Vs and V Maxes from these sets. I did OK and pulled a Salamence V from the Flareon blister, a Cinderace V and a foil Sonia from the Polteageist V box, an Aolan Ninetales GX and Falinks V from the Copperajah V Box and a Ninetails V from the Zamazenta V tin.

I have two Standard Pokemon TCG decks now (a Sirfetch’d V deck with Bea and a Turbo Zacian deck now with a Zamazenta V) but I have no idea when I can play them in person. Probably not for awhile. Of course I can play similar decks online and I just got a bunch of digital packs to trade to get the cards I need.

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