My Rapidly Growing Lego Collection

With the lockdown restrictions extending to almost a year, one hobby I have been picking up is collecting Lego sets. It is the perfect hobby when you are stuck indoors and have a lot of time to kill. Best of all, I have gotten most of my sets for really cheap!

One of the best advice I got about starting a Lego collection is to have a focus since there are so many tempting sets out there. I decided to go for a Harry Potter theme and I have gotten the 2020 Harry Potter Lego Advent Calendar for $12 and the Fantastic Beasts Lego Dimensions for $10. I also picked up a few Harry Potter minifigs here and there.

Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Lego Minifig Collection

Another Lego theme I have been collecting is Lego Spinjitzu Slam. They remind me of Beyblades. You can definitely make a little game out of these sets. The Jay Tornado set (which I got for $4 each) even has a little launcher so you can battle with two of these minifigures and have a third party control the launcher as sort of a hazard for the arena. I also admit I have used the Harry Potter minifigs with the Spinjitzu launchers to have a little wizard battle!

LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Slam Jay Tornando

Finally I still like to check thrift stores here and there and I was very excited to find a huge box of legos for only $10. There are at least 5 sets in the box but there are also definitely a lot of missing pieces. Still I got 8 minifigs, 2 base plates and 1 lego box which to me is already worth it. I have spent over a week cleaning, sorting and seeing what I can build from these lego bricks.

Lego Thrift Haul

I also picked up a couple of Mega Construx sets for really cheap so maybe that is a post for another time.

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