Does Anyone Remember the WWE Tag Team Deuce ‘n Domino? | 1/1 Card?

Wrestlemania weekend is right around the corner again! I was going through my WWE cards and I found this buried in my drawer.

It is, in my mind, the rarest Deuce ‘n Domino card ever… but I am getting ahead of myself.

Deuce ‘n Domino was a short lived tag team in the WWE. They had a greaser gimmick and even won the WWE Tag Team Championship once. But their career trajectory was like in fast forward for the 1.5 years they were there. They debuted against jobbers, had their first feud against Brian Kendrick and Paul London, won the tag team championship, lost the championship against MVP and Matt Hardy (in which they weren’t even the focus of the story line), became jobbers, broke up and then released. Again all this happened in less than 2 years.

Anyways I think every wrestling fan has a weird favorite wrestler and Deuce ‘n Domino were mines. I watched wrestling only sporadically as a kid and a random Deuce ‘n Domino match was my first match that got me hooked years later when I was in high school. I was just randomly looking for something to watch on TV and their “cool” entrance and brawling style caught my attention. I absolutely love Deuce, Domino and their valet Cherry’s throwback gimmick. I always thought they were super underrated and WWE gave up on them way too soon.

So as I was saying, I was in high school, was a huge fan of Deuce ‘n Domino, wanted to get some cool memorabilia of theirs and didn’t have a lot of money. Deuce ‘n Domino only had one card as a tag team and I have the 1/1 Topps Vault blank back variant of it. I also know it isn’t a good picture of them since they look like they were about to lose the match.

Topps Vault is their ebay store and it sold whatever they had laying around. I don’t know if they still do it anymore but they use to sell blank back cards that I believe were test prints and they were 1/1. I don’t think are many other 1/1 of Deuce ‘n Domino cards especially with both of them on it so that is why to me I have to rarest Deuce ‘n Domino card ever!

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