Sword & Shield Battle Styles Pokemon TCG 3 Pack Blister

There has been a Pokemon TCG card shortage so it is rare to find any Pokemon cards for retail price and it is even rarer to find any packs for under retail price. There are tons Magic cards but no Pokemon cards in all the usual places. I have never seen anything like this before. In fact, I haven’t open any Pokemon packs since shortly after Christmas (excluding the McDonalds or General Mills cereal packs) but today I found this Sword & Shield Battle Styles Pokemon TCG 3 pack blister for 20% off. I would have gotten more but there was only one left on the shelf.

It is always nice to pull a V or V Max in a 3 pack blister and I got a Necrozma V. I am also pretty excited about the foil Rapid Strike Energy. Because of the Pokemon cards shortage, I actually haven’t been following the Pokemon TCG news as closely as I have in the past so I don’t know what are the good cards in the set. But Necrozma V seems pretty strong since it can deal 220 for only 3 energy without that big of a drawback. Orbeetle also seem pretty strong and it should some powerful combos possible. At the very least, Orbeetle should be the glue for a fun deck revolving around underutilized Stage 2s.

As exciting as finding this blister pack is, the set I am really excited for is Shining Fates. It really feels like that set doesn’t exist at all…

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