Pokemon TCG Galarian Rapidash V Box Break

The Great Pokemon Card Shortage of 2021 is in full swing. Local card shops have marked up Pokemon TCG boxes and packs by 50%- 75% (scalpers on eBay and the like even more), big box stores have move what little Pokemon cards they do have to locked cabinets and some have even stop selling any cards altogether due to “troublemakers”. I have been buying trading card games here and there for decades and I have never seen anything like this before.

I actually went to the Nintendo store on release day to see if they have some of the new products. I went to the usual card section and they only had old theme decks on the shelves. Luckily as I was walking out, I noticed they had a few of the new products behind the counter and I got this Galarian Rapidash V box.

I have been looking to open more Sword and Shield Battle Styles packs and this box has two of them. The other two packs are Darkness Ablaze and Sun & Moon Crimson Invasion.

I didn’t pull any GX, V or V Maxes so that is a bit disappointing. The Galarian Rapidash V is not a bad card though and I think the card is exclusive to this box. The only card I need from the packs was Dedenne for my Mad Party deck. I wish they will stop adding a random pack from a really old set in these products. Darkness Ablaze makes sense to include but Crimson Invasion does not and it is a really weak set in general in my opinion.

I hope the Pokemon Company will finally get around to printing more cards soon but from what I heard the next set Chilling Reign would also be hard to get…

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