Random Pokemon TCG Repack: 20 Cards, 2 Foils and 2 Online Codes

I found this Pokemon TCG repack in my backpack. I must have bought it awhile ago and totally forgot about it. This repack has 20 cards plus 2 foil cards and 2 online codes. These repacks are usually about $5 so I am not expected much.

Nice! I pulled 2 Pokemon League promos cards, Celesteela and Empoleon. As for the rest of the cards, you can find the most random cards in these Pokemon repacks and this one is no different. There were old cards, new cards, energy cards and world championship cards (which aren’t tournament legal) but honestly there wasn’t anything else of note.

I also checked and claimed the Pokemon online codes. They are Regigigas and Rowlet promos from blister packs.

All in all, I am just happy to pull two Pokemon League promos cards. I have opened a lot worst in these types of repacks.

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