Yard Sale Finds: Cheap Lego, Comics and Books

There was an annual yard sale in walking distance from me that I just found out about last week. I decided to swing by and take look. Here are my yard sale finds!

I got this Lego Technic power boat and what I thought at the time was a Lego submarine for only $3. I had to look up one of the more unique Lego parts from the “submarine” to see what set it is from and I found out it is actually a giant robotic spider, the Water Strider (with missing a ton of parts). It is definitely not what I was expecting and I don’t have plans for it but at that price, I couldn’t resist. There were also a couple of kids board games from the same seller but I had to put them down since I don’t have the room for it sadly.

I also got a stack of random comics (most of them Star Wars and DC comics) and a random Star Wars book for $5. As I have mention before, my to read pile is getting huge but anything Star Wars rockets up toward the top and gets priority.

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