Snorlax Promo and Chilling Reign Pokemon TCG Three Pack Blister

Honestly I wasn’t too excited about the Sword & Shield Chilling Reign Pokemon TCG set and I wasn’t planning on getting any packs for this set. But Snorlax is one of my favorite Pokemon so I had to get at the very least the single strike Snorlax promo and Chilling Reign Pokemon TCG three pack blister.

I guess I used all my luck in my other 3 pack blister and I didn’t pull anything too exciting in my three packs. I am still happy to get the Snorlax promo and I am tempted to build a deck around him that uses both Powerful Energy and Single Strike Energy. It won’t be a good deck but it should be fun. The castform deck is another a fun deck from this set and I might build that deck to try on Pokemon TCG Online. Other than that, I got a few useful trainers that will see play like Fog Crystal and Path to the Peak.

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