New York Comic Con 2021: My Haul & My Thoughts

It is crazy to think I haven’t be in a convention or really any crowds for nearly two years until yesterday. I only went to New York Comic Con one day this year and as much as I like to say things are back to normal, there are some noticeable changes from the last New York Comic Con in 2019. Long story short, there were A LOT less people compared to years past (even for a Thursday) and it is also weird to see a lot of the booths you see year after year like all the major comic book publishers not attending. In my opinion, there was only one or two can’t miss panels each day so with all things considered, you can do the whole convention in one day which can be a good thing or bad thing.

Here is my New York Comic Con haul. I find myself more excited about AEW shows over WWE shows lately and AEW had a big presence in NYCC. They had autograph signings throughout the weekend but unfortunately the signings were over my budget. Instead I got one of the freebies at the AEW booth, Upper Deck AEW cards and I found an autograph of the Acclaimed, one of my favorite tag teams in AEW for only $20 at another booth.

This year I found a lot less deals in general with the only exception being comics. I have been getting into X-Men after the House of X so I got a ton of X-Men comics for only $1 each.

Finally there were a lot more vendors selling Pokemon TCG but I found in general singles are better priced than sealed products. I bought a bunch of singles that I thought I can used in some of the decks that I was thinking about building including a budget version of a Rapid Strike Urshifu deck. Also one thing I found weird was there weren’t any mystery boxes in general that I found interesting or cheap enough to take a chance on so to scratch that itch, I bought two mystery packs of Pokemon for $1 each (which means I saved a ton of money). The best cards from those packs are a Zekrom rare from Black & White Next Destinies, a holo Rapid Strike Style Mustard and random old commons from Jungle and Fossil. Not bad for $2.

All in all, I had fun and I am glad I went. It is nice not having to wait on long lines for everything and being able to walk the con without being shoulder to shoulder with everyone.

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