Pikachu V Union Pokemon TCG Celebrations Box Break

I was so lucky to find Pikachu V Union Pokemon TCG Celebrations boxes (Premium Playmat Collection) in stock. In fact when I saw them in Target, they were just about to be on put on their shelves and I knew that if I waited, it will sell out. (Then the only way to get them is at a significant markup from scalpers.) Anyways I got two boxes but I think I will open one and keep one sealed for now.

This box came with a 25th anniversary themed playmat, 6 packs of Celebrations, 1 pack of Vivid Voltage, 1 pack of Battle Styles, 1 pack of Chilling Reign, Pikachu V Union promos, a Pikachu V Union oversize card and a promo of Professor Burnet. The Pikachu V Union card has 25 Pikachus on it for Pokemon’s 25th anniversary. I normally give away my oversized cards but I might make an exception here. I also love the playmat and it is already my favorite playmat in my small collection.

I pulled a lot of fun cards from the Celebrations packs. Two cards that stood out to me immediately is the Surfing Pikachu V and the chubby Pikachu full art card. I love nostalgic sets like Celebrations and I just wish they were easier to get a hold of. I have to take a closer look at all the others cards later since I am so excited about all the Pikachu stuff. I didn’t get anything of note from the other packs.

The Pikachu V Union box is definitely a fun break if you can get your hands on one. I am so tempted to build a Pikachu theme deck now.

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