Thrift Store Haul: Escape Room in a Box, Arch Rival Board Game & More

I am back with another thrift store haul. I just can’t resist a good deal!

I find escape rooms in a box fun but I honestly have a couple still sealed, waiting for the right time to be play. I saw this box from Escape the Crate at a thrift store and I really tried to talk myself out of it but I couldn’t put it down. Everything in the box was like new and I really like the Camelot theme. I figure if I get this box maybe solve it myself, it can inspire some dungeon traps or puzzles for a new D&D campaign I am planning. It would be a bit heavier on puzzle solving rather than combat so I am open to any new ideas. Plus the box comes with a little dragon mini I can use at the very least.

At another thrift store, I found two board games that caught my eye. I used to own Quiddler and it was probably my favorite word game. I have no idea what happen to that copy but I got this Quiddler Junior for $2. The rules seems to be the same but it has chips to keep score, offers suggestion for words on each card and the spread of letters might be different from non- junior version of the game. Also I love collecting weird board games and I just had to get Arch Rival. It is a Jenga like game where you are adding all sorts of objects on an arch and hope that it doesn’t fall on your turn. This game probably came out in the early 90’s and it is definitely long out of print. I have heard Zee Garia of the Dice Tower say good things about this game so I can’t wait to try it.

Finally I am a fan of the Enola Holmes series and I saw this graphic novel of the second book and I had to get it. I had no idea this existed and the art and the story are both top notch.

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