Random Pack Break: Pokemon TCG Celebrations Mini Tin

It seemed like Target had a small restock of Pokemon TCG cards but I was a bit late to the party. I did manage to find a few Pokemon TCG Celebrations mini tins and I picked up one of them. My tin has 2 packs of Celebrations, 1 pack of Darkness Ablaze and a giant Pikachu 25th anniversary coin.

I pulled 4 hits from the 2 packs of Celebrations: a fat Pikachu full art, a Reshiram throwback from Black & White, a Zamazenta V and a Rocket’s Admin. I still find it exciting and fun to open Celebrations packs and there are still so many cards I want from the set. I also just realized that the fat Pikachu full art card has an E designation so I can play it in the Standard format. I kind of want to build a bad Pikachu theme deck, with the Pikachu full art (maybe with Raichu from Evolving Skies), Flying Pikachu V/ Vmax and Pikachu V Union. I might even add Surfing Pikachu V/ Vmax if I can make the energies work.

I only pulled a holo Tyranitar from the Darkness Ablaze pack.

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