My Black Friday Haul: Pikachu V Pokemon TCG Tins

I haven’t found too many good Black Friday deals for board games or cards this year but one that did catch my eye were the Pokemon TCG tins at Target for 50% off. They were actually on sale all week but I couldn’t find them in stock at any Targets near me until Friday. I picked up 2 Pikachu V tins since I still want to build a fun Pikachu themed deck in Standard.

Each tin has a promo card and 4 Pokemon TCG packs (Battle Styles, Vivid Voltage, Darkness Ablaze and Rebel Clash). I got pretty luck with my pulls. From my eight packs, I got a Rillaboom V, Rillaboom VMax, Centiskorch VMax secret rare, Zacian amazing rare and Tapu Koko V. I also got holos of Charizard, Turffield Stadium, Tower of Darkness and Toxtricity.

I also bought a Celebrations mini tin and my best pulls from those packs were a full art Professor’s Research and a Shining Magikarp (surprisingly worth $30).

All in all, I am very happy with my Black Friday haul. I am so happy I decided to check all my Targets near me again since you can rarely find Pokemon TCG products for sale or even for the suggested retail price these days.

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