My Board Game Haul from Pax Unplugged 2021

I was back and forth on whether to go Pax Unplugged this year. It is my favorite convention by far so I am so glad I decided to go in the end. In fact, I went all three days for the first time. Pax Unplugged was smaller than the last two Paxes but it still had all the features that makes it stand out: board game demos, tournaments and a huge library of games that you can borrow from. I got to try a ton of games and of course I got a few games. Here is my board game haul from Pax Unplugged 2021.

First up, my gaming group has been playing a lot of deck building games lately so I got one of the classics in the genre with all the character packs, Hero Realms. I love Star Realms already so I predict we will be playing a lot of Hero Realms.

The other game I got as an early Christmas gift was Marvel Splendor. If I had to pick my favorite board game of all time, it would have to be Splendor. At Pax Unplugged, I got to try Marvel Splendor for the first time. I like the new changes to the game and I love the theme so much more so I am very happy to add this to my collection.

I say it time and time again but I can’t resist a mystery box and this year I got another Board Game Booster Box. It comes with 4 games with a value of $120 for $50. The games I got this year (ranked from most likely to be played to most likely to be given away) are 1)- a take that tile laying game, Bad Doctor, 2)- a very weird deck building game, As You Love It, 3)- an abstract strategy game, Troll Hunt and 3)- a party game in the Dice Tower essentials line, Speechless.

I also learned about the Pax Pokemon League shortly before I left for Pax Unplugged. They called it an ARG where you can challenge Gym Leaders to a game of Pokemon TCG to earn badges and to win prizes. I came prepared with my Mad Party Deck and it was fun to finally play the Pokemon card game in person, something I haven’t done in probably five plus years. I also got some Pokemon singles and packs from various vendors. I am getting close to finishing the Pikachu theme deck I have been wanting to build.

Of course you can’t go to a convention without getting some freebies and promos and I am most excited to pick up some RPG books that I missed out on during Free RPG Day.

All in all, Pax Unplugged remains as my favorite convention and so much so that I am thinking about skipping New York Comic Con next year so I can do more at Pax Unplugged.


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