Thrift Store Haul: Book & Record Sets and Random Graphic Novels

Unfortunately I have been sick the last few weeks so I haven’t been able to go to the thrift stores as much as I want to but just before I got sick I had an interesting little haul.

First off I found this Casper and Star Trek Book & Record sets from Peter Pan Records. The Friendly Ghost Casper and the Demon of Darkness is complete and sealed but the Star Trek Dinosaur Planet is opened and missing the record. Still it is an unusual Star Trek comic to have. I got them for $1 a piece and they are weird enough items that I just kind of want it in my collection. I knew if I didn’t get it then I would second guess myself down the line.

I also got a bunch of random graphic novels for $1 a piece at the same thrift store, most notable of them are Thor: The Devourer King, Obituary Volume 1 and Doctor Who: The Forgotten. I am honestly not the biggest fan of Thor but I will get any Marvel or DC graphic novel for a $1 and the Devourer King sounds interesting. Obituary seems to be quirky webcomic and from what I read so far, I like it. It is about this boy who can see ghosts and the ghosts help him out when he inevitably gets himself into trouble. Finally I used to be a huge Doctor Who fan but my interest slowly wane when David Tennant left the show. But the IDW comics do continue the stories of David Tennant’s Doctor Who so I am very excited to pick this one up.

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