Yu-Gi-Oh Cyber Strike Structure Deck and Ancient Guardians Pack

As I mentioned before the Rite Aid near me is going out of business so everything in the store is 50% off including collectible cards! Before I only found a baseball card repack but today I found a Yu-Gi-Oh Cyber Strike Structure Deck and a single Ancient Guardians pack. I just missed out on a Magic: The Gathering repacks with 3 packs and a promo card but I am just happy to get any cards on sale.

I am honestly more of a Yu-Gi-Oh collector so I haven’t played with the Cyberdark cards before. In fact, the only time I play against it was when it was popular on Duel Links and I can say it was a very annoying deck to play against. So it should be fun to play with! One card in the card list stands out though, Infinite Impermanence. It basically one of the few flexible cards in the game that can go into a lot decks. As for building a Cyberdark deck, like most Yu-Gi-Oh structure decks you really need to get three of them to get a somewhat competitive deck. I might pick it up if I feel I like the archetype and maybe if I find more on sale.

I also got a random pack of Ancient Guardians. It is honestly not one of my favorite sets since none of the archetypes there interest me. In fact, the two cards that stand out to me are the two generic ones, Skull Meister and Dinowrestler Pankratops.

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