Pokemon TCG: Brilliant Stars Flapple Blister Packs

One of the Targets near me converted one of their electronics display into a Pokemon cards display. It was in a corner of a store I don’t usually go to so I was surprised these cards were here and not in the toy section like where the Magic cards are or by the registers like all the other Targets. I probably have been buying way too many packs lately but just 3 more Pokemon TCG Brilliant Stars Flapple blister packs shouldn’t be a problem…

My best pull of from these packs is definitely the Dusknoir character rare. It is only my second character rare I got from Pokemon packs.

I kind of wasn’t happy with what I got so I also got 5 loose packs of Brilliant Stars from my local hobby shop.

The best pull from these packs has to be the Galarian Moltres V secret gold rare. The card looks amazing in person and it is a card that sees a lot of play too! One thing I noticed for the first time is that the cards from these packs have two different sizes. About 1/3 of the cards are sightly smaller and have slightly rounder corners. Looking at it further, all the commons are ones that are slightly smaller and it seems to be the correct size when comparing to cards from the Flapple blister packs. In other words, all my rares and uncommons are cut a bit bigger than it should be. It is hard to show with a picture but it is quite noticeable when you stack all the cards together. You usually sleeve cards when playing so it isn’t too big of a problem but the declining quality control is a bit troubling to say the least. I saw these packs come out of box and everything else looks good and the code cards work so I pretty sure they aren’t fake. I wonder if anyone came across something like this.

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