Small Lego Haul from Legoland New York

I made my way up to Legoland New York this past weekend and I had a ton of fun! Of course I couldn’t leave Legoland without picking up some Legos.

One thing I wanted to try is minifigure trading in the park. I love pin trading at Walt Disney World and trading minifigures is just as fun if not even more fun! Here is some of the minifigures I traded for. I may have one or two more that I haven’t dug out of my bag yet.

Another thing unique to Legoland (more specifically the Legoland Hotels) is a scavenger hunt in your room and the prize is some Legos! I also bought a Star Wars polybag that was for a promo for May the 4th. I didn’t want to buy any big Lego sets since I didn’t have room to bring it back and plus I have a huge Lego store in New York City so I should be able to get almost everything anyways.

My last minute purchase was a “I Love Legoland” minifigure and magnet set. My big long term Lego project is to make a theme park out of Legos and this minifigure and maybe some of the ones I traded will definitely fit right in. I am especially happy with the Legoland logo plate.

I highly recommend Legoland New York if you are looking for a family weekend getaway from New York City. For a kid, there is basically something to do and see in basically every corner of the park and for Lego lovers, there is a ton of cool Lego models to see and minifigure trading is a ton of fun no matter the age.

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  1. This is only about 45 minutes from me, I really need to get there.

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