Pokemon TCG: Sylveon Astral Radiance 3 Pack Blister

I forgot that Astral Radiance just came out (Brilliant Stars still feels new to me) so I was a bit surprised to find these Pokemon TCG Sylveon Astral Radiance 3 pack blisters for sale at Target. Of course, I picked up a blister to see what’s in the new set.

I didn’t pull anything too valuable from my first packs of Astral Radiance. I did pull a few useful trainers but at the same time, I didn’t even get any interesting Pokemon to build decks around. Although, I was looking for a single prize lightning Pokemon that will survive rotation so I may use 1 Regieleki in a lightning deck I am brewing as sort of a backup plan. It will replace a Zapdos (from Vivid Voltage I think) that is rotating with a similar attack. But Zapdos does 160 to a bench Pokemon and Regieleki only does 120 which is big difference in the game. Also interesting enough, Regieleki seems to be 1 of only 2 lightning Pokemon in the whole set and I find that weird.

Looking at the set list, I am honestly not too excited about this set. Right now I feel like I want to get more Brillant Stars packs or wait for the Pokemon Go packs. Still the radiant Pokemon and the free attack Pokemon are fun cards to build decks around so maybe the set will grow up me.

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