Books, Comics, Board Games and More from Stop & Swaps and Free Stores

I really like the idea of Stop & Swaps and free stores. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! I read a lot books and comics, get board games that I don’t want anymore and watch DVDs that are not worth keeping so I donate a bunch of stuff every month. But I also found a bunch of exciting stuff to take back from Stop & Swaps and free stores too. Here is some of my highlights.

I am so happy that Stop & Swaps are back! Basically in stop and swaps you are encourage to donate stuff (but you don’t have too) and can take whatever interests you. I have been to two in the past month and I have gotten 4 iZombie comics, a Last Airbender books and a bunch of random DVDs including some movies like Dead Again in Tombstone, Resident Evil Afterlife and 11-11-11 not pictured above. You never know what you might find.

Free stores are similar except it is an ongoing thing rather than a one time event. If you have a free store in your neighborhood, it never hurts to take a look. My friends have found all sort of board games at the free store and I have found one Killer Party, which was basically brand new. I also find a ton of books and even a few jigsaw puzzles from time to time.

Also related I have gotten a bunch of graphic novels at thrift stores too for $1. In addition, to those pictured above I found a really interesting graphic novel adaptation of the classic Wrinkle in Time. I am currently reading that and about half way done.

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