Pokemon TCG: Professor Juniper Premium Tournament Collection

The previous premium tournament collection, Marnie’s box was nearly impossible to find and if you did find one for sale, it was easily double retail. So I was kind of surprised to find the latest collection set, Professor Juniper Premium Tournament Collection for sale at the Nintendo Store and I couldn’t resist even though Professor Juniper is honestly not one of on my favorite Pokemon characters. It has 1 Professor Juniper Full Art, 3 other Professor Juniper foils, 7 packs (1 Chilling Reign, 1 Evolving Skies, 2 Fusion Strike and 3 Brilliant Stars), a deck box, sleeves and a bunch of counters and dice.

When it comes to deck building, I basically start every deck with 4 Professor’s Research so the Professor Junipers are nice to addition to my collection. My packs were a mixed bag. I just pulled one Charizard V (it is probably one of the most popular Pokemons in the TCG) and one Octillery Rapid Strike character rare (one of my favorite cards to build decks around). I also got one VIP Battle Pass I needed but other than that everything else pretty much bulk.

I hate Pokemon TCG sleeves. I shuffle pretty hard and they tend to split a lot. I am always building decks so I probably will use these sleeves and I guess I will see if anything has changed. I love the inclusion of deck box though. I can’t have enough deck boxes and I like that the Pokemon deck boxes are bit smaller than the Magic deck boxes I tend to use in which the cards usually move around a bit. Finally I have gotten so many dice and counter before so don’t really care about all the extras.

All in all, if you can get the Professor Juniper Premium Tournament Collection for retail price of $40, it is not a bad deal. Packs are usually $4.50- $5 each so the packs in this set alone are worth $31.50- $35 alone. So if set of Professor’s Research Professor Juniper (one of them being a full art), a deck box and sleeves is worth about $8.50 to you, it seems to be a better option than other products in the same price range like say the V-Union boxes which just has 4 packs + promos for $30.

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