Pokemon TCG: Pokemon Go Radiant Eevee Premium Collection Box Break

I have been playing and collecting Pokemon TCG cards since the very beginning and out of the all the sets that were released, the Pokemon Go set is the one I have been looking forward to the most. Considering that I play it everyday almost from the start, I am pretty sure Pokemon Go is the Pokemon video game I sunk the most hours in. So when the Pokemon Go TCG set was announced I was super excited that finally two of my favorite Pokemon games are coming together.

My go to place in New York City to get cards at release day for retail price is the Nintendo store. I wanted the Radiant Eevee card so I got the Pokemon TCG: Pokemon Go Radiant Eevee Premium Collection. It has the Radiant Eevee promo card, a Radiant eevee pin and playmat and 8 Pokemon Go packs.

From my 8 packs, I got a Radiant Charizard and Mewtwo V so I am very happy with my pulls. Radiant Charizard has to be one of the chase card of the set and Mewtwo V is one of the very prominent cards in the set. Also the card isn’t great gameplay wise but I am also really happy to pull a reverse holo Candela since I am Team Valor all the way. I just wish all the team leaders accelerated energy without a coin flip to make them somewhat more playable. I also triple checked I didn’t pull a ditto cards. It is probably the coolest card to ever come out of the TCG.

I love this set but I have some serious issues with the quality control. This is the second time I noticed that when you line up all the cards I pulled together some and in this case all of the uncommons are slightly bigger and darker so the cards are very easily marked. Also these packs came straight out of the box and am usually very careful about opening the packs but still some cards had some nicks and dents on the borders. Worst yet, the blade cutting the cards was kind of dull so many of the cards weren’t cut clean. Some of these cards are very bad and very noticeable in person. I tried to take the best picture of an example that I can.

Despite this I know will I go to buy so much more Pokemon Go packs. There are so many cute references to the Pokemon Go mobile game and I have so many deck ideas with this set that I am brewing.

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