Huge Pulls from My Pikachu Pencil Case + Pokemon TCG Packs Set

I really don’t need a tin pencil case but the Pikachu pencil case + Pokemon TCG packs set was the only Pokemon TCG products at the Nintendo store during my last visit. I also thought they had Pokemon TCG Pokemon Go packs but instead it was a pack of Evolving Skies and a pack of Astral Radiance. I am not complaining though because I got really good pulls.

From just two packs, I got a Heatran Vmax rainbow secret rare, a Zacian V character rare and Vaporeon V full art. I honestly am not a fan of rainbow rares but they are definitely tough pulls. Zacian V is one of favorite all time cards to play with and the card is so pretty. The turbo Zacian V deck was the deck I had the most success with ever and I am kind of sad it isn’t playable in the meta now. Vaporeon V full art is another gorgeous card and it is a fairly popular Pokemon. Finally I also needed a holo Wishiwashi for my water Gym League Challenge deck that revolves around Rapid Strike Pokemon.

All in all, this has to be my best back to back packs ever.

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