2022 Panini USA Baseball Stars & Stripes Blaster Break

I found some baseball cards at a Gamestop in a random mall which was strange to me. I didn’t think to look there for sports cards. There was also a random sports store at the mall that had hobby products but for a significant markup. I don’t buy too many sports products and I haven’t pulled any hits (especially autographs in a long, long time). So I wanted to buy something I know I was likely to pull a hit and didn’t really want to spend too much money. I settled on this 2022 Panini USA Baseball Stars & Stripes. It has 2 hits on average which can be autographs or memorabilia cards. Most of the set is college/ Team USA players described as the “top prospects in baseball”.

I pulled an autograph 014/399 of Jack McKernan, memorabilia card of Wyatt Bauer and a red parallel of Walter Ford. I don’t know anything about these players but I guess I will be rooting for these players to have a very successful baseball career.

I am honestly not a huge fan of the chrome like design of the cards. The chrome finish is so easy to dirty and get fingerprints on. The shiny design and the most of photos they chose makes every card look the same and also kind of boring to look at. Similarly I know it is just a Team USA product but I also wish the set had an insert set to breakup the monotony. Finally, I had one pretty damaged card which I always hate.

Still I think this product is a fun blaster to open. You get 2 hits when most blaster you aren’t even guarantee one. Plus it could be fun to look back at these cards maybe 5 maybe 7 years down the road and see which players made it to the majors.

I also got this 2021-22 Panini NBA Sticker & Card Collection for $1. I don’t really collect stickers but it was only a dollar, there are stickers of Julius Randle, Nicolas Claxton and it comes with a little box you build to store cards which I am using at the moment to store the base cards I pulled from the blaster.

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