Pokemon TCG: 2022 Trainer’s Toolkit | Lumineon V, Trainer Cards, Packs and More!

I couldn’t find any Pokemon TCG Pokemon Go boxes near me so I picked up another product that I kind of wanted. It is the Pokemon TCG 2022 Trainer’s Toolkit. It is advertised as having “everything you need to build a powerful deck.” So that means 2 alternate art of Lumineon Vs, 50 useful trainer and energy cards, a bunch of basic energy cards, 4 booster packs and bunch of TCG extras like die, markers, sleeves and a card box.

I actually have most of the trainer, energy and pokemon cards that comes in the toolkit already but I build so many decks it is good to have extras of all the staples so I don’t have to move the cards around as much. There are few trainer cards though that I did need like Capture Energy, Raihan and Adventurer’s Discovery. Lumineon V is also one of my favorite support pokemons in the game. I think is more fun to play and to build decks around with than something like a Crobat V or Dedenne GX.

My four boosters are Evolving Skies, Brilliant Stars and 2 Astral Radiance and my pulls were pretty good which a relief since I been on quite an unlucky streak with packs lately. I got a full art Jirachi V and a character rare Ariados.

So with all that being said, for anyone looking to play the Pokemon TCG, the Trainer’s Toolkit is a good pickup. These are cards you need to build decks. Buying all cards as singles may be cheaper but it often a pain to find like 50 “cheap” trainer cards all from the same seller (and if you buy from a bunch of different sellers all the extra shipping and handling does add up). Packs are roughly $5 each so that alone is $20. All the useful trainer cards, alternate art Lumineon Vs, sleeves, a card box and bunch of extra goodies is definitely worth $10. Plus you may be able to find the Trainer’s Toolkit on sale for maybe like $20 if you shop around.

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