Pokemon TCG: 2022 McDonald’s Happy Meal Match Battle Pack

Today I bought two cheeseburger happy meals to get the new 2022 McDonald’s Happy Meal Pokemon TCG packs. Unfortunately they gave me one Pokemon TCG set and one Space Jam toy (which is a super old Happy Meal toy) which was super disappointing.

Here is what you get in the Pokemon TCG Happy Meal toy.

I got a Tynamo, Cutiefly, Drampa and a holo Pikachu. The holo Pikachu is probably the most expensive card of the set aka the chase card so even though I got unlucky in getting only one pokemon pack I got super lucky and pulling the best card of the set in that one pack!

This year’s 15 card set is super random. Every McDonald’s set has to have a Pikachu, Victini is also a popular pokemon and pretty much every other card is an odd choice to me. I guess the cards go with the little game that come with it. It is called Match Battle which is basically Top Trumps. Look at two cards, pick a random stat and see which cards has the higher number for that stat.

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