Pax Unplugged Haul: Board Games, Pokemon TCG Cards, RPG Stuff & More!

Pax Unplugged is something I look for to every year and I think this year’s convention is one the best ever! There were a ton of interesting games being demoed, new exhibitors like the Pokemon Company, lots of fun freebies and of course you can still take advantage of their huge gaming library. I got to play Dungeons & Dragons too for the first time at a convention.

It is a yearly tradition for me to pick up a Board Game Booster Box/ Mystery Box and I think I got a good box. There was Gingerdead House, a tower defense game, Villages of Valeria, a tableau city building card game, Otontin: Warriors of the Lost Empire, a push your luck dice game, Race to Adventure, a racing game of some sort, and Hintegers, a party game. I am probably most excited about Villages of Valeria, Race to Adventure and Gingerdead House in that order.

I also picked up a game I have been looking to get at the right price, Alhambra for $20.

Another tradition I am going to start at Pax Unplugged is to make a budget Pokemon deck with cheap singles. This year I decided to make a Shadow Ride Calyrex Vmax with Ho-Oh V deck. The rest of the singles were $2 or less and are useful for deck building in general.

One of the things I was most excited about Pax Unplugged going in was to see what the Pokemon Company was doing at their booth. They offered a 15 minute tutorial to the Pokemon TCG and afterwards you can get a mini deck and eevee Pinny Arcade pin. I got to play this tutorial/ demo with a friend who haven’t played Pokemon TCG since the Base/ Fossil era.

This year there were a couple of quest style promotions. Basically you have to go to different booths to do a demo or something else to earn prizes. The biggest one was by Kickstarter. They came out with a free party game, Blow My Mind but you have to get the cards by visiting vendors around the convention hall. In addition, if you completed the card there were other prizes like dice and pins.

I also picked up a lot of Dungeons & Dragons and RPG freebies. The ones I am most excited about and hope to use in the future is Astromythos and the Three Wizard Conundrum.

I also bought a third party 5E compatible book for the first time. It is Monsters of Murka: Restaurants and Retail. I have a homebrew world where the party started out as pizza delivery people in a Cursed Woods. The teaser at the back of the book also perfectly describes my homebrew. “Scathing comedy that points a finger at capitalism and highlights all the pain and suffering we must endure daily.” This was too perfect and I knew I would regret if I didn’t get it then.

I got a bunch of minis too. I got a booster of Icons of the Realms Monster Menagerie for $8 and I pulled a wolf, Jarhild Stoneforge, vampire and yeti.

Finally I was gifted these two beautiful Dragonborn minis from Lethal Shadows. I am so thankful to own them and can’t wait to use them.

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