Pokemon TCG: Crown Zenith Regieleki V Collection Box | Big Pulls!

Sword & Shield will always be high when ranking Pokemon TCG eras/ series for me since it was when I came back to the game and when I collected and played the game the most. Crown Zenith is the final set of the Sword and Shield series. There aren’t many new cards in this set but it does have a lot of pretty cards. Today, I have a Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith Regieleki V collection box. It has 1 promo Regieleki V, 1 random Regidrago card, 1 oversized card and 4 packs of Crown Zenith.

Wow this is probably my best V box ever! Charizard is usually the most expensive card in the set and I pulled both Charizard V and Radiant Charizard. The Radiant Charizard has to be a top 5 card in terms of value and desirability for Crown Zenith. The Dunsparce character rare, Friends in Hisui full art and the Raihan signature card are all very pretty. I am sure I can even find room for the Dunsparce and Raihan in my decks. As a little bonus, I also pulled a Rayquaza V. That is a lot of hits from just 4 packs!

Like I suspected, I got a lot of pretty cards from this set. Even the common trainer cards have very nice artwork. I am not sure I even want to get anymore boxes of Crown Zenith since I know none with top this one. This is like when I should have stop after my first box of Pokemon Go. I pulled a Radiant Charizard from the first Pokemon Go box and every other box has been a disappointment.


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4 responses to “Pokemon TCG: Crown Zenith Regieleki V Collection Box | Big Pulls!

  1. Ryan

    Hello. Are you interested in selling the play pokemon starter deck?

    • I am going to keep my copies of the starter decks unfortunately. I sleeved them up and used them to teach the game at my local gaming store.

      • Ryan

        Right on! I actually found one on marcari earlier today Really! Really cool card for the collection and last card I need for a true – evolving skies master set

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