Thrift Store Haul: Santorini New York, The Resistance & A Bunch More Board Games!

I haven’t had a thrift store haul in awhile but I like looking at thrift stores for board games a couple of weeks after the holidays. I have had a lot of luck with some good thrift store finds then. I theorize that people are donating games due to getting more for the holidays and they just don’t have the space.

So I went to Goodwill a couple of times this week and they actually had a decent selection of board games and a ton of puzzles. I almost left with Castle Panic for $2 but I didn’t have space in my bag at the time and I already own Munchkin Castle Panic. But I did leave with a few games during my trips including Santorini New York for $2.

I am kind of mixed on Santorini. I have had some really fun plays of the game but I find if both players are very good at the game, it can become a slog (but I am not sure what changes are in the New York version).Still this is a gorgeous game and I think it would be a perfect board game for my Bryant Park board game meetup.

I also picked up King of the Beasts Mythological Edition and Dead’s Man’s Treasure for $2 each.

I admit I bought these two games solely because they are Reiner Knizia games. He tends to make games that are simple to learn but has enough meaningful decisions to make the game interesting. I am probably going to bring these games to my next board game meetup and have a Reiner Knizia themed night.

Finally I picked up The Resistance and Pop Tarts card game mostly because they were just $1 each. The Resistance is a super popular game even though I don’t like social deduction games and Pop Tart is a fun theme so I suspect they would be easy to sell, trade or donate to a friend if I don’t get to play them.

So all in all this haul is 3 board games and 2 card games for $8. You can’t beat that! Plus all the games were complete and in good shape. I don’t think I would get another haul like this until maybe next January…

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One response to “Thrift Store Haul: Santorini New York, The Resistance & A Bunch More Board Games!

  1. Wow, a great haul! I have the Resistance but haven’t ever gotten it to the table (and like you, social deduction games like that aren’t something I gravitate towards). I’d like to give Santorini a spin sometime. I don’t know anything about either Knizia game but those are always worth at least one play!

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